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Your nursing home help guide

Step by Step Guide

If you are considering aged care or nursing home help for a loved one who is no longer able to stay in their own home, it’s important to understand the process.  To help you, below is a guide and the pathway for entering into an aged care home.


Wallsend Manor Aged Care is subsidised by the Australian Government who pay the majority of the fees and charges.  However, residents may be asked to contribute towards this if they can afford to.


First Steps

Are They Eligible? 

Your loved one may be eligible for Australian Government subsidised care in an aged care home if they are a mature aged person who can no longer live independently in their own home.   To find out if your loved one is eligible, they will need an assessment for nursing home help.

Undertake an Assessment 

Contact a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for a free assessment to determine their eligibility.   A nurse, social worker or other health professionals usually undertake this.  This assessment is also required for respite care. To find a local ACAT member, call 1800 200 422.


You will receive a letter to confirm if your loved one has been approved for aged care or nursing home help and what services they can receive.  


Care and Services

Wallsend Manor Aged Care will help your loved one with everyday tasks, personal care and 24 hour nursing assistance. 

Next Steps

The Pathway for Entry into an Aged Care Home

After your loved one has been assessed and the confirmation letter has been received, the below pathway for entry into an aged care home can be followed to help manage services and personal needs.  

Find out the Cost


Finding an
Aged Care home

and accept
an offer


1. Find Out the Cost

Your loved one may be asked to pay towards their care, accommodation and daily living costs within an aged care home.  The amount will depend on the individual’s financial situation.  Ensure they understand the costs and charges as these may vary from home to home.   They may also be entitled to financial assistance so it’s advisable to speak to Centrelink and/or a financial advisor. 


Also refer to our ‘fees and payment explained’ page.


2. Finding an Aged Care Home

Aged care residences and nursing home help can differ from home to home.  Therefore, it is important that the place meets the needs of your loved one, suits their lifestyle and that they will be happy to live there.   It is recommended to visit the home with your loved one to see and experience the place to help make an informed decision. 


3. Apply and Accept an Offer

Application forms are available from each aged care home. Once completed and submitted, the home will make contact if suitable accommodation becomes available in which the potential resident can accept the offer. 


Call us directly on 4038 1800 or email for an application pack.  

4. Enter into a Contractual Agreement

If your loved one is offered accommodation by an aged care home which is accepted, they will be required to enter into a legal resident and accommodation agreement before moving in.  This covers details such as services, fees, rights and responsibilities. 

It’s important to understand this agreement and seeking professional or legal advisor is encouraged.  A resident agreement will also need to be signed for respite care. 


5. Manage Services

Residents have the freedom to choose what they want to do each day and can control their own personal and financial affairs and possessions.  Friends and family can visit and residents can visit them.  They can go on holidays and
still vote.  

Feel free to call us and we are happy to answer any questions you may have – 02 4038 1800.

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