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Winners are grinners at Wallsend!

Winners are grinners for the team at Wallsend Manor Aged Care after they recently received the highest possible rating in all assessments for the Australian Government accreditation.

Debbie Ryan, Facility Manager at Wallsend Manor, said, ‘I am so proud to lead a team of passionate, dedicated and compassionate individuals who go above and beyond every day to provide unwavering care to our residents.’

‘While it is fantastic to have received formal recognition of the hard work from our team with a wonderful outcome in our accreditation, there’s so much more behind the scenes. At Wallsend Manor, whether you are a resident, loved one, or team member, you are part of an extended family that really cares for one other and that’s something special,’ said Debbie.

Considering aged care for a loved one who needs additional support is a significant and sometimes difficult decision for families. One of the best places to start is by finding out if your provider meets the standards that are in place to protect you and your loved one.

Every aged care provider is required to meet government regulations and standards to protect the safety, health, wellbeing, and quality of life for people using aged care services. The team at Woodford Manor, is passionate about delivering high-quality aged care and the results speak for themselves.

‘I know that it can be a daunting and difficult decision for families when the time comes to place a loved one into care, but I am committed to helping families make the right decision and the best place to start is by choosing a home that has met all standards in their accreditation assessment,’ says Debbie.

To find out if your aged care home meets government standards, visit the Australian Government myagedcare website and use the Find a provider tool to search for aged care homes, or visit the Choosing a home page on our website for helpful tips and resources..

Finding a home that meets the standards is just the first step, visiting the home is also important to ensure that your values and requirements are aligned with what’s on offer. The team at Wallsend Manor is always happy to guide families through the process and provide support every step of the way.


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