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Little moments, big memories

Strong family connections are important in our lives, and as we grow older, having a close-knit family becomes even more special. For Wallsend Manor Aged Care resident, Vida Corling, recollections of her family and the times they spent together bring joy and special memories, which she holds close to her heart.

Vida tells us that she grew up with her parents, two sisters and one brother. ‘I had wonderful parents,’ she says. ‘They taught me many things, and to be honest and caring.’ Vida recalls spending family time at the beach where many family holidays consisted of going to Canton Beach as well as regular visits to Newcastle Beach. ‘I remember swimming in the map-of-the-world pool next to the Canoe pool,’ says Vida. ‘I loved it.’

Vida now reflects on her growing family, which includes her four children, eight grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. ‘I had two girls and two boys, and I love them dearly,’ she says. ‘I have eight grandchildren and also great-grandchildren, so five generations now. Lily is the youngest, she is four months old.’ When asked what she likes most about her family, Vida responds, ‘I love everything about my family. They are all wonderful, caring, and considerate.’

In this chapter of her life, when asked if she feels part of a second family at Wallsend Manor, Vida quickly says, ‘Yes, I do. No hesitation.’ For Vida, living at Wallsend Manor makes her feel safe, supported, and at home. ‘When I go out, I look forward to coming home here,’ she adds.


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