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Learning about drone technology

Drone technology is growing fast in popularity. They are a pilotless aircraft used for commercial, industrial, military and personal use and controlled by someone on the ground.

Drones are proving to be extremely beneficial in places were man cannot reach or is unable to perform in a timely or efficient manner. They can be used for aerial photography or filming, geographic mapping, precision crop monitoring, border control surveillance and delivery of goods.

They are even being used at events. A record-setting 1,218 Intel drones flew together to form the five Olympic rings in the night sky as part of the 2018 Olympics opening ceremonyin Pyeong Chang which were seen on television sets around the world.

Staff member and Lifestyle Coordinator Luke Lamont recently purchased the Phantom 4 drone and uses it for personal use and his love of nature photography. He gave some keen residents a demonstration of the technology, explaining how it works and its capabilities while taking aerial photos of Wallsend Manor Aged Care. The drone can travel quite some distance into the sky providing clear expansive pictures of a vast surrounding area. Residents were excited to learn about the drone technology and see it for themselves.

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